Sep 29, 2011

Thank You

Thank you Lord that I was sick last Tuesday, I was with my kids when typhoon Pedring badly hit our town. Definitely there were many stories and photos to share but thank you that we had stocks of food, water and candles because we have no electricity in two days. I heard so many complaints from my kids because of no electricity and internet access but I told them that we are still lucky because the fLood did not reach inside our house. Last night I cooked all the cold cuts inside the ref, it was a good problem because I was worried what to do with my raw food. Until now the streets are not passable but hopefully I can report for work tommorow. We already have electricity but cable and internet connection were not yet fixed, thankful again I have an Ipad 3G...God is good all the time.

Sep 18, 2011

STOP Obando Landfill Project

We need your help. Please sign this PETITION and send a message to the Municipal and Provincial Government not only to protect the people of Obando, the Obando River, and Manila Bay but also to uphold the rights of people to voice out their concerns without fear of persecution from their leaders. Please go directly to this link: Call it foul but even our priest experienced harrasment from the policemen, please read the article here courtesy of Inquirer.