May 30, 2009

Samahan ng Loob Get Together

Four of our friends are currently working abroad (including hubby). So whenever they have their annual vacation here in the Philippines, they would usually sponsor a lunch or dinner. It's hubby's turn now, we had our dinner at Kamay Kainan (Eat all you can!) in Trinoma Mall. From Left to Right: Kuya Jim, Jeff, Beng, Cherrie, Nini, Monsignor Bart & Jo.

Friends for keeps!

We have been solid friends for 17 years now! See you on Wednesday on our 2nd get together at Saisaki courtesy of Jo &!!

May 27, 2009

Crab in Oyster Sauce

Hubby cooked our delicious lunch...crab in oyster sauce. When we went to the market, Nikko was interested in eating a big crab, so we bought the remaining 4 pieces. The vendor teach us how to cook it in oyster sauce....
Just saute it with onion, garlic & oyster sauce (salt & sugar to taste)
hubby with his big tummy (LOL!)


May 26, 2009


I would like to thank my dearest friends here for passing me these wonderful awards...mwah!!!! I'm really really thankful knowing you buddies!

Thank you Ate Cecille of Small and Simple Things for "You Don't Say Award". Salamat for always visiting my blog ate (",)
The Interesting Blog Award was passed to me by David of Basic Bloganomics. Thank you David and good luck on your new job!

Over The Top Award was given to me by David (Basic Bloganomics) , Niko (Niko's Blog) , Katherine ( iTravel), Ate Cecille (Small & Simple Things) and Amy (Business Matters). This was very much appreciated!

Blogger Buddy Award was given to me by David (Basic Bloganomics) and Grace (My World My Family My Inspirations). Thanks buddies!

These 2 lovely awards (Marie Antoinette & One Lovely Blog Award) were from Katherine of iTravel, thank you friend for always including me on your list (",)


May 24, 2009

Sunday Family Bonding

We just stayed in the house this weekend. Later in the afternoon today we decided to take the kids for their Badminton 101. We played for 1 1/2 hours 6-7:30 pm. Makoy spent most of his time learning how to serve the ball over the net. Nikko was already playing this game on the street with his cousin & friends in my in-laws so he knows more. They enjoyed the game, Makoy doesn't want to go home, he said he doesn't know yet the techniques (LOL!). We told him we will play again some other time. Here are some of our pictures:
On our way to Sangandaan Sports Center riding a jeepney
Fun game

Great family bonding indeed!

May 22, 2009

Busy Friday

I accompanied hubby this morning at POEA to renew his OFW card. I was not allowed inside so I waited at the cafeteria first. Later he texted me that I might want to stroll around at Robinson's Galleria first because he's still waiting for another 200 before him. I went to the Ladies' section of the department store and started looking for some Friday wash clothes. Here's what I bought...and these are on sale, two shirts each from Red Girl and French Toss.
Hubby was already inside Robinson's Department Store when I was about to pay. When he arrived, we ate at Reyes Barbeque...Grilled Squid & Chicken Gizzard (delicious!)
Then it's my turn to buy hubby's birthday gift .... 2 shirts from Folded and Hung and a Hickok belt (can't afford to buy him a Lacoste!)
Then we went to SM City North Edsa to buy the kids their school bags. And I was so amazed with the price!!!! Hawk bag costs P3,300 each! Gosh, my bags costs only P500. We have to buy them similar style to avoid jealousy, lucky kids because hubby decided to buy it for them. But we told them the condition that they have to use it in 3 years!
Maybe without hubby's work, we cannot also buy them these branded school shoes too! (Florsheim for kids P1,500 each). Their shoes are more expensive than mine too.
Before we left this morning, Makoy requested that we buy him a Smart Cube
This is an educational toy wherein you can assemble frog, dinosaur, palace, duck, etc.


May 21, 2009

SM Mall of Asia

We went to SM Mall of Asia yesterday.

We had our lunch at Super Bowl

Upon placing our order, we were asked if there was a celebration, I told the manager that it was hubby's birthday! So we had a free ice cream served in a plate...

We ate Seafood Chopsuey, Crispy Fried Chicken, Yang Chow Rice, and Cream Dori Steamed Fish

After having our lunch, the 2 kids looked for some toys at Toy Kingdom. Nikko settled for a remote control car

Makoy bought his all time favorite Power Rangers toy

Lastly, we watched a documentary film at IMAX from National Geographic titled "Sea Monsters"

May 19, 2009

Obando Town Fiesta

Am back! Just want to share some photos and videos of our 3 days town fiesta.....

Unang Hirit of GMA 7 was there on the third day with Regine Tolentino & Eagle.... (only their camera was shown..LOL!)