Jul 31, 2009


I almost devoted my whole day today at Makati Medical Center. I had my annual physical check up last May and I was required by the resident OB to get a mammogram procedure. I proceeded to the Breast Clinic at 8:40am and was asked if I had an appointment, I am not aware of it so I was a walk in patient (willing to wait) and there is no definite time for me. After two hours of waiting, I told them that I will just return at 1pm.
When its my turn for the procedure, I still waited for more than an hour, because I was told that I have to return to the mammogram room for another test in a different position.
I still have to return again on Monday because they forgot to charge me (OMG!). It also slipped my mind but I reminded them in the morning of my payment but they said I can pay it later.
Like pap smear, mammogram test was recommended yearly for women 35 years and above.


Jul 30, 2009

User name

When I decided to create a blog four months ago, I am clueless of what user name will I use. Since I'm only familiar with Niko's blog, I thought that the user name should be almost similar to my name or something like that. One of my BFF, Randy fondly calls me benggalicious, bengacious, so from there I settled for benggalicious.
I missed you friend! He now works in Qatar. Before he left, he's my best buddy around and my constant companion.
I bought a domain for another blog, thanks to Pehpot who guided me from purchasing a domain to creating a new blog. Will post it later with a new user name of course.


Jul 29, 2009

Multi tasking Mom

Thank God after a very tiring day, I left the office early and that's 6pm. I thought I can rest at home and can find time to blog hop but my kids got many assignments that I have to prepare. Family tree, paper plate with a drawing of favorite pet, paper heart, paper flower and lot more pictures (bad thing since I bought my digital camera I haven't had the pictures developed) so I have to print some in bond paper. While charging my camera, looking for some pictures in Google and cooking burger steak, I am writing this post (whew!).

Favorite Fruit

For more than two weeks now, Makoy and Nikko loves to eat Lychees. I always buy one and a half kilo as their pasalubong. Whenever we start eating it we make sure that there will be no leftovers (LOL). It's sweetness is really addicting. But last night, lychees was out of stock and was replaced by rambutan. I will convince Makoy that rambutan is delicious too.


Jul 27, 2009

Busy Monday

MySpace Comments

It was really a busy day for me...I brought home some office work but I've been glued again here, was exchanging YM messages to hubby and to my brother who is working in Saudi. So sorry for not visiting you these past few days. Thanks for leaving your messages and comments. Good night!
MySpace Comments


Jul 26, 2009

Peephole Video

For two weeks now, the video of ESPN reporter Erin Andrews has been the top search in Google and maybe in you tube too. Everybody was so curious to see the video which was believed to be shot by an ESPN employee who knows her schedules and was even traveling with her. She’s got a very serious problem here. Sources said that there were six videos shot in different hotels. ESPN lawyers are anxiously working hard to find the person responsible for abuse of her privacy. It was said that it has been uploaded last February but it was only sensationalized this month.
Celebrities should really be cautious to these people who have satisfaction in doing harm to others. Good thing her video was already removed in the internet. I hope Peeping Tom will be identified soon.


Jul 25, 2009

Keeping fresh veggies

I tried this tip I read from my email several months back, how to prolong the freshness of our vegetables inside the refrigerator. We can recycle the foil from cookies or oatmeal wrapper. Put some veggies inside the foil and it can keep its freshness 2 or 3 weeks after purchase.
Look at my 3 week old tomatoes, I used Keebler cookies pack.


Jul 24, 2009

Mixed Feelings

There were rumors going around that our company is being offered with two giant companies. What am I feeling? Happy, because they might offer an early retirement, at least I can think of a better plan (like going abroad). Sad, because I was serving the company for more than twelve years and parting ways with my colleagues is somehow painful. And for sure I will miss my badminton buddies every Wednesday. Maybe in a few days or months they will make the announcement. Only few knew about this privilege information so I know many will be surprised for the sudden turnaround of events. We still don't know how it will affect our jobs. I might as well update my resume.


Angelina Jolie's 3rd visit to Iraq

Since 2001, well acclaimed actress Angelina Jolie has joined United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) in helping refugees in over 20 countries. Jolie was on a one-day mission to Iraq on July 23, 2009 to bring attention the predicament of displaced people in the region. She visited a makeshift settlement in the Chikook suburb of north-west Baghdad.
The people there are complaining about the medical treatment for different ailments and the kids are currently not studying. UNHCR was the only one helping them.
Jolie said, "This is a moment where things seem to be improving on the ground, but Iraqis need a lot of support and help to rebuild their lives."


Jul 22, 2009

Emma Watson at Brown University

It was confirmed that Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince star Emma Watson will enroll at Brown University this fall as college freshman. But she did look around from a number of schools in the US including Harvard, Yale and Columbia.
Excerpts from her interview: "It sounds so geeky, but I really do like studying and reading, and if I'm not working on 'Harry Potter,' then my greatest relaxation is to sit with a book. That's how I escape stress -- in literature. I always have several books on the go at any one moment, so it's no good you asking 'What's on the bedside table at the moment, Emma?' because often I can't even see the table."

"I do hope that it will be only a short time before I am known as 'Emma Watson, the student from the U.K.' rather than 'Emma Watson who starred in those 'Harry Potter' films.'"
Good luck girl! You will be a great model for the young generation.


Jul 21, 2009

New Layout

I think its high time that I would change my layout. I only have limited time spending here because of my hectic work...so Mommy Pehpot to the rescue! She offered help in changing my layout and made me a new header too (thanks to Dhemz too for offering the same help). There's really an advantage of meeting some bloggers, you can asked them questions and tips personally, so Mommy Peh already has an idea what I want on a new layout. But I am expecting her to help me because I can already felt it in our discussion last Saturday (LOL!). She's interested to know what I want, what theme I have...so this is it!

Visit her blog and I guarantee you that you will love her posts! Thanks again Mommy Pehpot...Mwah!
My first layout was courtesy of Grace...hmmm...I wonder who will do my third layout (LOL!).

P.S. Let us offer our prayers to Niko's father in law who passed away yesterday. May he rest in peace.


Cory's painful ordeal

When former President Corazon C. Aquino was diagnosed of colon cancer it was already on stage four. Before this, she suffered from high blood pressure, cough, lost her appetite and weight. March 2008 when her family made the public announcement of her real health condition. They requested the public to respect their privacy and asked prayers for her recovery. May 3, 2008 when he made her public appearance at the Pink Sisters' Convent in Quezon City at a mass held on her behalf. On October 2008, Cory was experiencing some side effects of the chemotherapy so she failed to witness the unveiling of the historical marker "Jose C. Cojuangco" at their ancestral house in Malolos, Bulacan.
Recently (May 4, 2009) a team of doctors led by French surgeon Joel Leroy performed surgery (laparoscopic colectomy) on her to remove parts of her colon. After three days she was discharged from Makati Medical Center, but she was confined again last June 24 due to poor appetite. Until now she is still struggling in pain and Kris Aquino was asking for our prayers that the pain would be lessened. With the Divine intervention, I know one of these days her pain and agony will disappear. Let us offer her prayers.


No Paula Abdul No American Idol

We might miss Paul Abdul on the upcoming ninth season of American Idol. According to her manager, David Sonenberg, she had not yet receive a proposal for a new contract. She was reportedly unhappy on her status on the top rated singing talent competition. She has over 725,000 supporters on twitter and wants to keep her on the show, "Keep Paula" became a hot trending topic. The show's producers, 19 Entertainment and Freemantle Media declined to comment on her situation. But Simon Cowell was quoted telling that he wants Paula on the show. Let's wait and see if she will stay or the ratings of American Idol will still be the same without her.


Solar Eclipse on July 22

Be ready for another amazing moment (Phenomenon) courtesy of our mother earth tomorrow! There will be a total solar eclipse on July 22, 2009 particularly over the Asian continent (India, China, Japan). Scientists say it will last for 6 minutes and 39 seconds, the longest solar eclipse in the 21st century. There are many superstitions too, like some religious leaders warned against eating or drinking during solar eclipse, pregnant women change their delivery dates so it won’t be born on a day with a solar eclipse. I wish it can also be seen here in the Philippines, Nikko saw the news on television this morning and said I should wake him up when the solar eclipse happens. Google said the next solar eclipse in the United States is August 21, 2017.


Jul 20, 2009

GMA's last State of the Nation Address (SONA)

July 27, 2009 will be a significant date for Iglesia ni Cristo (their Anniversary) and President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo. This will be GMA’s last State of the Nation Address (SONA) during her term. That means bigger rallies and more criticisms are expected because of the never ending issues about Constitutional Change. According to Bagong Alyansang Makabayan (Bayan) secretary general Renato Reyes, around 15,000 protesters are expected to join the rally along Commonwealth Avenue which they call the people’s version of the SONA.

12,000 policemen will be deployed when GMA delivers her SONA before a joint session of Congress at the Batasan Complex in Quezon City. At least four senators announced that they will boycott the SONA (Panfilo Lacson, Francis Pangilinan, Mar Roxas and Aquilino Pimentel, Jr.).

This time, GMA has only less than a year left to fulfill her promises (again!).


Eastern Communications sponsors FINEX Partnership Event

To continuously rebuild Eastern Communications' corporate identity, it will support the Financial Executives Institute of the Philippines (FINEX). It is a non stock, non profit , non political association formally organized on 1968. The professional association is devoted in continuing development and improvement of financial management techniques and the promotion of efficiency in business enterprises. To date, FINEX has a total number of 705 executives coming from different industries.
Eastern Communications will held a "Partnership Event" on July 22, 2009 at the Grand Ballroom B, Dusit Thani Hotel, Makati City. The one day event will have three joint activities such as Press Conference at the morning, FINEX seminar in the afternoon and the Partnership event at night. The partnership event is to be attended by all FINEX members. The event will be hosted by Joey Mead and Guarana (Group of 34 Brazilian Dancers) to entertain.


Jul 19, 2009

Mission Accomplished

Mission Impossible? No, it was a mission accomplished for the seven of us!Last Saturday I attended the She Bloggers Day Out at Trinoma Mall which was organized by Mommy Pehpot. I was very reluctant to attend because among the attendees I only knew Niko personally and look at our place that time...
But I promised Niko that I will attend basta walang ulan...and I'm a bit excited too because its my first time doing this! Thank God it did not rain but I have to do some sacrifices too just to get out of our flooded area. For the complete details, please visit Mommy Pehpot's post on She Blogs Out Pics and Stories. Actually I want to re-post her story here na lang ..hehehe (tinamad bigla).
Our group picture outside Kamay-Kainan

With Ghie of Confessions

Fedhz, Me, Ghie and Joanna

Our complete group picture
Ghie of Confessions
Fedhz of Home Buddies
Pehpot of Make or Break
Niko of Niko's Blog
Liz of This is My Life
Paula of Happy Thoughts, Happy Tot

(L-R Fedhz, Pehpot, Beng, Ghie, Joana & Niko)
This meeting was really a blast! Thank you guys for giving me some tips and I love Fedhz' polvoron. I really had fun in my four months of blogging (pero sa age senior citizen ako dito..hahaha).


Jul 18, 2009

Paul McCartney at Citi Field

Produced by AEG/Marshall Arts, Paul McCartney will have a 3 day concert "Rain or shine" on July 17, 18 and 21, 2009 at Citi Field.
Floor Center = $275.00
Floor Side = $175.00
Field Side = $175.00
Excelsior = $125.00
Field Center = $99.50
Promenade Side = $59.50
Promenade Center = $49.50
(Tickets are subject to an additional per ticket service charge from $13- $15)

Ticket limits of 6 per person to each show. Door opens at 5:30 p.m.


Jul 17, 2009

2009 British Open Championship

The last two playing dates of the Open Championship will be on July 18 and 19 at Ailsa Course, Turnberry, Scotland. As of day two standings, Ross Fisher is on the lead though it was a tricky day for him and he had difficulty in getting the lines off the tee. Let us wait if he can beat Marino, Calcavecchia, Cink and Goggin.


North Park

Before Friday last week, Niko and I agreed to take our lunch at Hap Chan, it seems like ages since the last time I have eaten there. I asked her if my boss can tag along (her former boss too). But something came up that we decided to eat in a nearby restaurant and North Park is the best choice. Actually, we received a birthday treat from a very generous blogger (itago na lang natin sya sa pangalang Amy..shhhhh).
We ordered sweet and sour fish fillet lapu-lapu, their best seller fried chicken, beef broccoli, salted garlic squid (my favorite) and of course this would not be complete without the yang chao fried rice.
Bon appetit!

Isang Hits Luzon

Government offices, classes and some domestic flights were suspended today due to typhoon Isang. We experienced continuous heavy rains and strong winds since last night. As expected, because of our poor drainage system major roads in Makati and Metro Manila are flooded. Good thing I have a spare shoes in the office but I have no extra pants (I'm all wet!). According to PAGASA, Isang is expected to leave tomorrow (hurry up please!). How I wish the government officials consider the safety of those employed in the private sectors. We pay for their taxes and yet they have more privileges.


Jul 16, 2009

GMA's Breast Implant

Several days ago, people were asking what is the real status of the President's health condition because of her confinement in the hospital. Then there were talks (read:leakage) regarding her breast augmentation. Palace spokespersons had initially denied it but later on admitted - there were newspaper reports that the President had breast implants done in the 1980s. Dr. Maria Niza Bermudez Reyes was accused of ordering the opening of the President's medical records at Asian Hospital and Medical Center. But her lawyer said that the hospital's computer system is faulty as it doesn't have a level of security, access to confidential informations can be opened by all non medical staff. But three members of the hospital staff named Dr. Reyes as the one who ordered them to open GMA's medical file.
NBI is already conducting an investigation . Medical files should be kept confidential and medical practitioners and employees are governed by a law on doctor-patient confidentiality. It should not be divulged without the consent of the patient.
There's nothing wrong with it if this was really true, its her right to do whatever she wants in her own body. Anyway, this was done more than 20 years ago. Physical attribute is less important, what really matters is her performance as the President of the Philippines.


Jul 14, 2009

Victoria's Secret Angel is Pregnant

"KK" or "Kinka" or better known as Karolina Isela Kurkova is expecting her first child with boyfriend film producer Archie Drury. She was working in a G.I. Joe movie (G.I Joe: Rising Cobra) over a year ago and will hit the theaters on August 7, 2009. This supermodel became one of the youngest models to appear in Vogue magazine. She gained exposure from Tommy Hilfiger, Valentino, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Christian Dior, Hugo Boss, Versace and many others.

Jul 13, 2009

LaToya's Instinct

I believe news regarding Michael Jackson's death will be a never ending story to tell. Many information and pieces of evidences will come out but its hard to prove it, different statements with different points of view will bring us where?
Two British Sunday newspapers (The News of the World and The Mail on Sunday) said LaToya Jackson believes her brother Michael Jackson was murdered. She said she knows who is responsible of MJ’s sudden death but she did not name names. She was quoted saying: "I feel it was all about money, Michael was worth well over a billion in music publishing assets and somebody killed him for that. He was worth more dead than alive."

The following was observed by people around Michael Jackson before he died:
— During his final rehearsal at the Staples Center, Jackson was captured on video doing his signature moonwalk and dance spins. Randy Phillips, CEO of concert promoter AEG Live, told CNN he was a "healthy, vibrant human being."
— Dr. Arnold Klein, Jackson's dermatologist, who said he last saw Jackson less than a week before he died, told CNN's Larry King that the singer was in "very good physical condition," in "a very good mood," and "was very happy."
— Klein also told CNN that he had given Jackson the painkiller Demerol but warned him about using the powerful sedative Diprivan. He also confirmed that Jackson was a former drug addict who went to rehab in England.
— The drug Diprivan, an anesthetic widely used in operating rooms to induce unconsciousness, was found in Jackson's residence, a law enforcement official told the AP. Also known as Propofol, the drug is given intravenously and is very unusual to have in a private home.
— Cherilyn Lee, a registered nurse, told the AP she repeatedly rejected his demands for Diprivan. But a frantic phone call she received from Jackson four days before his death made her fear that he somehow obtained Diprivan or another drug to induce sleep.
source: Philippine Star


Jul 12, 2009

Visit at SM City Annex

Since the weather is good today and for a change, we decided to visit SM City Annex. My kids have gotten used to Trinoma Mall so they requested for the newly renovated mall. We took a quick lunch at Yoshinoya (SM Main) and we ate their delicious Chicken Teriyaki.
Then we had a stroll at the newly constructed Sky Garden:

Good news! We don't need to go to SM Mall of Asia because on July 16 IMAX SM North will be opened to the public.

A quick glance inside the mall:

They played at I-Tech, Playstation 3 and Xbox360 rental for Eighty Pesos per hour.

I recommend you visit SM City Annex North Edsa, its really something new!