Jul 17, 2009

North Park

Before Friday last week, Niko and I agreed to take our lunch at Hap Chan, it seems like ages since the last time I have eaten there. I asked her if my boss can tag along (her former boss too). But something came up that we decided to eat in a nearby restaurant and North Park is the best choice. Actually, we received a birthday treat from a very generous blogger (itago na lang natin sya sa pangalang Amy..shhhhh).
We ordered sweet and sour fish fillet lapu-lapu, their best seller fried chicken, beef broccoli, salted garlic squid (my favorite) and of course this would not be complete without the yang chao fried rice.
Bon appetit!


Dhemz said...

wow! salap naman ng pagkain...may buto pa te? hehehe...ang bait naman ni TAmz....she's one of a kind....:)

amiable amy said...

oyyy nagutom ako sa pagkain nyo hahaha...may gwapo pa kayo na kasama ahh..SHHHH.

Basta saan kayo masaya....suportahan ko kayo...waaaa...LOL