Jul 17, 2009

Isang Hits Luzon

Government offices, classes and some domestic flights were suspended today due to typhoon Isang. We experienced continuous heavy rains and strong winds since last night. As expected, because of our poor drainage system major roads in Makati and Metro Manila are flooded. Good thing I have a spare shoes in the office but I have no extra pants (I'm all wet!). According to PAGASA, Isang is expected to leave tomorrow (hurry up please!). How I wish the government officials consider the safety of those employed in the private sectors. We pay for their taxes and yet they have more privileges.



Kaje said...

hmmmm hindi ba dapat yung management niyo magsabi kung wala na kayo pasok? :D

Beng said...

hehehe..oo nga pala. early knock off din kami ..naawa (hay)

amiable amy said...

Everything is well naman right Beng? Wala naman masyado pinsala? I hope so. D na ako nanood sa news lately. I can access live TV Abs-Cbn and GMA...might wach it today.