Jul 30, 2009

User name

When I decided to create a blog four months ago, I am clueless of what user name will I use. Since I'm only familiar with Niko's blog, I thought that the user name should be almost similar to my name or something like that. One of my BFF, Randy fondly calls me benggalicious, bengacious, so from there I settled for benggalicious.
I missed you friend! He now works in Qatar. Before he left, he's my best buddy around and my constant companion.
I bought a domain for another blog, thanks to Pehpot who guided me from purchasing a domain to creating a new blog. Will post it later with a new user name of course.


1 comment:

niko said...

weeeee special mention pa ko dito.. in fairness hirap nga mag isip ng user name..

so on my other blog bahala na :D

thanks my other blog is up and running already madam!! thanks ng marami!! :)

silip mo na now