Jul 31, 2009


I almost devoted my whole day today at Makati Medical Center. I had my annual physical check up last May and I was required by the resident OB to get a mammogram procedure. I proceeded to the Breast Clinic at 8:40am and was asked if I had an appointment, I am not aware of it so I was a walk in patient (willing to wait) and there is no definite time for me. After two hours of waiting, I told them that I will just return at 1pm.
When its my turn for the procedure, I still waited for more than an hour, because I was told that I have to return to the mammogram room for another test in a different position.
I still have to return again on Monday because they forgot to charge me (OMG!). It also slipped my mind but I reminded them in the morning of my payment but they said I can pay it later.
Like pap smear, mammogram test was recommended yearly for women 35 years and above.


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Tita Beng said...

Wow, believe ako sa 'yo! You got tons of patience!
Good for you to have annual medical check-up. If you have health card, take advantage of it. Prevention is better than cure, sabi nga.

So, you have new domain. I wonder why PPP dislikes blogspot. Declined nga nila ung blogspot ko eh. Will wait for the opening of your new blog!

Good luck and God bless sa bago mong blog, Beng!