Jul 21, 2009

New Layout

I think its high time that I would change my layout. I only have limited time spending here because of my hectic work...so Mommy Pehpot to the rescue! She offered help in changing my layout and made me a new header too (thanks to Dhemz too for offering the same help). There's really an advantage of meeting some bloggers, you can asked them questions and tips personally, so Mommy Peh already has an idea what I want on a new layout. But I am expecting her to help me because I can already felt it in our discussion last Saturday (LOL!). She's interested to know what I want, what theme I have...so this is it!

Visit her blog and I guarantee you that you will love her posts! Thanks again Mommy Pehpot...Mwah!
My first layout was courtesy of Grace...hmmm...I wonder who will do my third layout (LOL!).

P.S. Let us offer our prayers to Niko's father in law who passed away yesterday. May he rest in peace.



Phoebe said...

loved ur new layout mommy beng.. :)

pero nakakasad naman news mo about Niko's FIL. i left her a comment pa yesterday n sna he'll get well soon.. :(

Chris said...

love your new look :D