Mar 18, 2009

Favorite Movies

Someone approached me yesterday and asked me "What was your favorite line/lines in a movie?".... i just smiled at him and said that i seldom watched movies (as in once a year lang yata). For some reasons like:
  • Very expensive

  • No companion (if ever i want to watch especially a "Piolo" movie)

  • Busy (a.k.a no money..hehehe)

Before, i watched old movies in HBO when we still have a Sky cable connection. But then we decided to cut it because of its very high MSF. Luckily some good movies are being shown in our local channels.. but! only Tagalog movies especially in the Kapamilya Channel. Some of my favorite movies are:

  • Milan

  • Dubai

  • A Love Story (the last film i watched in a moviehouse!)

  • Tanging Yaman (i watched it 20times na yata, its always shown every Holy Week)

  • Speed

  • Independence Day

  • Anak

  • Love Me Again (sorry OMB..i have to watch this in a pirated dvd)

  • Shrek (watched it 100times na yata).

  • While you were sleeping

  • The Bodyguard
How about you guys, its nice if you would share your top 10 favorite movies too in your blog....


Anonymous said...

thanks for tagging me i can post it later

Beng said...

thanks grace..i really appreciate it. its so nice having new friends like u:) tsup!tsup!

Meryl said...

hi beng, avid fan ka talaga ni papa piolo ah...^_^

amiable amy said...

oyy kapamilya ka pala hahaha...i do watch GMA and ABS-CBN pero news hahaha...

Kahit jan ako, i watch Fox news and CNN or Lifestyle Network

Beng said...

hahaha....kasi yung eyes ni papa p. parang nangungusap talaga...talagang mesmerized ako sa kanya