Apr 18, 2009

Pacquiao vs Hatton

Watch out what will happen on May 3 here in the Philippines (May2 in US):
  • Fully united
  • Crime free
  • Ceasefire
  • No traffic
  • No rallies
Guaranteed: Pacquiao's past fights are proven crowd-drawers. For those who have money, you can watch it on a pay-per-view in different cinemas or you can still watch it at home only with tons of commercial loads for a super delayed telecast.

Many of our politicians will be cheering for him all the way in Vegas.

Manny is known for his generosity, I'm sure he'll be giving away tickets worth millions of pesos.

2 years ago, I was not aware of his fight with Barrera. I went to SM City North Edsa to buy some groceries and I was really wondering where did the crowd go? It's a weekend and yet the mall is almost half empty. Then I heard from the bagger that Pacquiao won the fight (maybe I'm the only person not interested in his fights..hehehe) and my sister from LA texted me that Pacquiao had won. So that's the answer! When I reached home, that's the only time it will be aired so I did watch how he won the fight.

How I wish that he always steps on the ring...so there will always be PEACE and unity here in our country.
I'll be looking forward on that date...it's the best time to stroll in the mall (LOL)!



Meryl (proud pinay) said...

Excited ako kapag may laban si manny...i bet mananalo nanaman sya.

galing ng pinoy eh ^_^ proud to be pinoy ^_^

Enchie said...

can't wait for this fight too.

ghieGANDA said...

hahahaha.. naku hahigh blood-in na nmn ang tatay ko! hahaha. masyadong nasestress out sa laban lagi! hehehe..

Manang Kim said...

I hope he'll win again. Here in MI it cost us $50 to watch his fight kasi pay per view nga. I am juggling if I would tell my hubby about Pacquiao's fight or not eh mahal na yong $50 hehe.

kittykat said...

I am big sports fan sis and I am very excited to watch this fight..I can already foresee it will be one if not the best fight of the century..

shimumsy said...

hope manny wins this one again. go manny!

Umma said...

Never had a a chance to see Manny's fight.. but hopefully he will win this fight one more time.
But no matter win or lose, he will still have pot money on his head..

He's too rich already..