Apr 23, 2009


In celebration of Earth Day, Starbucks Philippines is encouraging everyone to avail of their promo, details as follows:

  • P 40.00 off on any beverage when you use your own tumbler/mug at any Starbucks branch
  • Non-Starbucks tumblers/mugs are welcome
  • Promo period: Wed, Apr 22 to Thurs, Apr 23
I love their Mocha Frapuccino so when I heard that some of my colleagues here are going to buy, my tumbler is readily available!

Thank you Starbucks for participating in Earth Day every year!



pehpot said...

wow that's really nice of them.. sana araw araw ganyan na lang sila..

Beng said...

oo nga eh, sana kahit once a week pwede na ..hahaha

ghieGANDA said...

Wow.. Nice nice.. Good for Mother Earth and for their loyal customers. Heheheh.. Musta kna mommy beng? =)Naku oo ung nakuha nmen promo lang. 1k lang. heheh.. un nga lng matagal pa. pero ok lang! sana kau din. naku saya nun with ur children. heheh.. excited na talaga ko!! heheh..

Umma said...

Wow.. that is so cheap.. sana everyday ganyan ang price.. but actually Im not a fan of Starbucks bec I dont drink coffee.

Meryl (proud pinay) said...

that's a good treat! ^_^ sana nandyan pa ako sa pinas... i have 2 tumblers tig isa sana kami ni hubby... i wonder if ang promo nila eh worlwide?

Dhemz said...

really...what a great idea..sana everyday yan..well like Umma said..am not really fond of coffee...and STARBUCKS....:) masarap pa yung cacao...hehehe..joke!