Jul 4, 2009

Body Art

I would not dare put some kind of art on my body, but many of our celebrities prefer to put some body art like them:

Transformers beauty Megan Fox still has his ex-boyfriend's name (Brian) on her stomach
I like Rihanna's small gun tattoo on her rib cage

Large tiger tattoo on her back for Angelina Jolie
American Idol Megan Joy Corkrey
Drew Barrymore's gold tongue ring
Dennis Rodman's numerous rings

Are you brave enough like them? Not me!



Manang Kim said...

I am thinking of putting a tattoo at my back with my hubby's name but hubby don't like it he said it is dirt ewww. I think I can bare the pain but since it is not agreed upon so 'wag nalang hehe.

amiable amy said...

outchhh...i can't judge them...its their preference ... ayoko lang kasi masakit LOL