Sep 1, 2009

Missing in action

I was missing in action here lately because my helper was still in their province for two weeks now so I have to let go of my blogging time at night. Was super busy at the office too so I'd rather have a nap during lunch break. Good thing we have holidays but Nikko brought home many assignments that even during the long weekend I still need to finish some homework, and additional chores now like doing the laundry, iron the clothes ..OMG talaga! Maybe some of you will notice that a number of my posts were missing, I'm just fixing something and I will have it published again once my application is approved.
One thing I hate in 'ber months? Its the start of our Business Planning at the office or you may call it Budget season, that means more overtime work and more stress to come! I will be back to normal on September 6, hopefully my helper will end her never ending leaves!


Zephyr Girl said...

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Manang Kim said...

Hi Beng, naku super mommy ka pala ngayon. Take your time and happy Ber months ahead.

ghieGANDA said...

mommy beng.. oh i missed u!! kumusta nmn ang pagiging full time mommy? hehehe.. namiss kita pramis..

got news for u. may new blog ako. hehe.. hope u can visit her too. muah muah!!