Aug 20, 2009

My Life's Perception and Inspiration

Happy Birthday to the famous author of "My Life's Perception and Inspiration", the very friendly and helpful Dhemz. She was widely known for her genuine generosity and she's very quick in offering help.
Go hop on her blog and leave her your precious greeting and comments to make her special day a wonderful one.



Dhemz said...

oh my gosh...teBeng, you are so gosh...iyakan ulit...been crying since yesterday...ginulat mo naman ako dito sa blog mo....thanks in a million teBeng....speechless ako....thanks for being one of my good friends...mwah!

David Funk said...

Beng, I completely agree with your comments about our friend, Dhemz. It is great to see how many appreciate and support her for everything she has done for her friends and supporters!:)

Meryl (proud pinay) said...

Yep napaka generous nya ^_^ I have something for her HERE!!! weeeh!

btw, musta na sis?