Aug 4, 2009

Travel Spot

I bought a domain more than a week ago and I've been searching for a good template and experimenting how will I make my own header. There's a glider portion that I still wonder how will I edit it with my own photos. I only have limited internet access at home so I was not able to blog hop (again!). With so many things to do and with my limited time because of my work, I promise to visit your blogs this weekend and I hope I can finish my retouching on Travel Spot (, my new domain. You may already check it out and you may leave your thoughts too.


niko said...

wow travel spot pala un!!! waity bisitahin ko nga :)

anyways I have a tag for you ;)

ayan bistuhin mo na sa fafa!! :)

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amiable amy said...

ohhh that's good girl...wish you luck

kikamz said...

Hi Beng! if you are looking for great, free layouts, check this out: there are lots of nice FREE layouts there. hugs!

and congrats on the new blog.

fedhz said...

ay, naunahan pa ko gumawa ng isa pang blog, hehehe! galing galing naman mommy! gudlak sa lahat. ^^

Dhemz said...

daan dinme dito te...congrats on your new baby!