Aug 8, 2009

Willie Revillame did it again

Willie Revillame was caught again in a new controversy, giving his detractors more reasons to put him down. I think ABS-CBN should release an official statement for this, since they were informed beforehand that Willie doesn't want to broadcast the said footages during his live show of Wowowee (Aquino's favorite show). I am not a pro Willie, maybe he should have said it off the air or he should have waited for a commercial break then give a ring to the tv executives of the station to air his side. Watch the video and you judge if he has a valid reasons or not.



Glenda said...

Oh my gosh Ate... alam mo ba na super nag panic kaming lahat sa production namin yesterday when we got the news about him. Kasi naman, it will affect our ticket sales kapag may mga ganyang issues si Willie. I mean syempre naiintindihan ko na nagpapasaya siya sa mga tao at syempre nga naman dahil close narin siya sa AQUINO FAMILY kaya hindi niya rin siguro gusto na makita yuon while live siya sa show... I know naman na hindi niya meant to bastos pero dahil sa pagiwas niya parang ganun na nga ang nangyari. Sana tumahimik na lang siya para wala na lang masabi mga tao. Anywayssss, sana lang eh maayos niya yan or else... huhuhu baka kami naman mawalan ng kita for his upcoming U.S tour! Sheesh!


amiable amy said...

Hmmm. Iba kasi ang impression na naipakita nya eh. I agree with you. Sana nga naman, he made it off the air kasi na iinsulto yung mga tao na nanood both activities. D magandang tingnan nga naman kasi may namatay and sila nag sasaya. Ang impression dun, magsasaya sila kasi life must go on eh. Parang ignoring the real historical event. kaya lang,i understood his frank behavior. D nkaka good sa image nya at that moment. Pangit pakinggan ang sinabi nya. At that point sana d sila nag live at pinatuloy kay Cory.

I hope the detractors will forget and forgive him though.

Anonymous said...

Willie is just getting out of his mind because of his popularity that brought him to act un professional. He is starting to be drowned by an achievement that he thinks he all did it by himself. I agree of what he is trying to express during the show, but it should not be on the air. As I know it is not the first he acted like that as I watch compilation of wowowee show in you tube. I am not against him but he should remember to put his feet always on the ground whatever blessings he has, because there are so many people who loves him that gave wowowee a high rating. As an advise, pls consider the people around you, working with you, because they are the people who will be affected most.

Enchie said...

May code of ethics yan sila diba? He is a public figure, he better watch his actions and the words he's saying, even if his intentions are good.

pehpot said...

I have been hearing ang reaidng about this issue and to tell yuo honestly, hindi ko din masisi si Willie, yes he had an outburst, but it was not mainly his fault. I agree on him when he said that, how can they have a good time when there is video insert of Cory's funeral procession. According to some articles, Willie already asked them to take it off while he was not on air, then it happened again and the video insertion somehow sabotage their audio and so Willie had to do something about it.. un lang nga siguro he should have been more patient about it..

anyways, galit ako sau pag di ka ngapunta sa Thursday!!


Make or Break

kikamz said...

naku, lagi na lang caught in a controversy itong si willie. minsan tuloy di ko na alam kung ano ang totoo or if i should sympathize with him.

S-H-Y said...

Grabeh nmn si Willie talagang on air nya sinabi, sana off air, hhhmm hindi sa hinuhusgahan ko sya ha, keysa mayaman na sya ganyan nlng makapagsalita, he din´t know ano ginawa ni Tita Cory for Pilipino :(. Hay nko controversy tlga si Willie..