Sep 24, 2009

Halloween Costumes

We went to the mall last Sunday and Makoy requested me to buy him a toy at Toy Kingdom. Nikko was more engrossed at the different Halloween costumes displayed in one area. Last year they had a Halloween party at their school and the two of them bought new costumes complete with accessories. They want a costume that can really scare their classmates. But! They won't allow me to wear the costume and scare them.

More or less these are the two costumes they liked because it is really scary! Guess what, these two frightening costumes are available at Costume Couldron, the web's finest Halloween store.
Ordering online is hassle free and Costume Couldron offers free shipping too. You may contact their 24 hour customer care at 1-800-890-0409 for your Halloween costumes. Visit their website to select from the different costume types they offer:
  • Adult costumes
  • Teen costumes
  • Kids costumes
  • Toddler costumes
  • Baby costumes
  • Pet costumes
They also offer different accessories like theatrical makeup, masks, pumpkin carving, decorations and supplies, magic and card tricks and other related supplies. I guarantee you will truly enjoy the sample costumes here. A number of adult costumes are also being offered here. Its good to see a family with their different on while attending a Halloween party. The kids will surely enjoy the treats around and they will not forget their baskets for the free goodies.
Magic tricks are well loved by the kids now. Nikko bought a book about magic tricks and he's really practicing how the tricks work. Of course I have to look amazed on his tricks so he can feel confident doing it. One thing I don't like during Halloween? I gets easily scared with the Halloween programs and I don't like to think that my dad will visit me because it has been seven years since the last time I visited his tomb. They count down the days to Halloween! Go here!

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