Sep 23, 2009

It Must Be Good

The tag line of Star Cinema really fits on the quality of their movies... "If its Star Cinema, it must be good". I watched the movie "In My Life" last night with good friends Cherrie & Jojo. I just texted them if they are available yesterday and we decided to see the movie at SM Valenzuela. It's my first time to visit the place, I guess it's the smallest mall of SM, but their cinema is good.
The movie met my expectations, but I think John Lloyd really outshine Vilma Santos in some scenes like during their confrontation scene during the wake of Luis Manzano. Vilma Santos (as Shirley) played the mother of Luis Manzano (who played the character of Mark), John Lloyd as Noel was the boyfriend of Luis in the movie.
The 3 main characters have their own highlights, Luis and JL really fit the characters they are portraying. My gay friend Jojo can really relate to the love story, while me and Cherrie can relate to the scenes of Vilma being a mother. I love Dimples Romana, she's really outstanding in all her characters she is portraying and I can relate in their stories as well of being a daughter.
The movie ran for 2 hours and its still showing on theaters nationwide.

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