Sep 18, 2009

More Patience

"Lord, please grant me more patience..."
There were times that I wanted to give up my role of being a mother to my youngest son. I believe that I really have tons of patience, but my packed was almost exhausted. When my anger gets up I have no choice but to give him a whip... but after doing that I'll explain to him why I have to do it...after a few more minutes, as if the bad spirit had left his body (OMG!) and he'll be back as the jolly kid I know.
I was trying to convince myself that maybe he will outgrow his tantrums and will be soon like his kuya who is mature enough to act, think and refusing to disobey me because he doesn't want to be scolded.
"Come Holy Spirit, fill our hearts with love and guide us always, Amen..."


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