Oct 18, 2009


~ A Prayer For Patience ~

God, teach me to be patient, teach me to go slow,
Teach me how to wait on You when my way I do not know.

Teach me sweet forbearance when things do not go right
So I remain unruffled when others grow uptight.

Teach me how to quiet my racing, rising heart
So I might hear the answer You are trying to impart.

Teach me to let go, dear God, and pray undisturbed until
My heart is filled with inner peace and I learn to know your will.

~Helen Steiner Rice~

It was a not so good day today, my youngest child made a scene while we're in the grocery until we get home...even the other passengers were really surprised on his behavior. I asked hubby to go home because my patience is already exhausted.
Makoy wanted to buy again a new pencil case, I did not allow him so his tantrums is truly unbearable...

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