Oct 31, 2009

Rest Day

Last Thursday morning on my way at the office I got a slight colds, its normal for me having this during morning maybe due to allergy and the cold weather. But it got worst because the aircon of the rev-o I was riding was focused on my face and I can't adjust it. But I still report to work yesterday and my boss is requiring me to attend our Thriller Party. But later in the afternoon, when he saw that I was resting my head in the chair, he told me to go home and skip the party.

Today, because of the strong winds and a typhoon signal number 3 here in Bulacan, the electricity was shut off at 7 in the morning until past 1 in the afternoon. Better because I have no choice but to rest in the bed and clean the house a little.
Nikko watched the movie "Transformers" at the laptop but he wasn't able to finish it because the battery was already drained. And he is also requesting me to buy him a headset so he won't disturb me while playing the games, good thing i saw newegg.com promo codes so I can avail the gaming headset at a lower price. I am also planning to avail the discounted price of the external hard drive, it will be very useful for me while I'm here at home.



Meryl (proud pinay) said...

naku ang lakas nman pala ng bagyo dyan sis ah...
happy halloween

pehpot said...

aww.. dapat naman check up ko jan kahapon kaso nga dahil may bagyo bukas na lang siguro..

dalawin mo ako sa IS (Meycauan Doctors) pag nanganak ako ha :)

Glenda said...

another typhoon... i'll keep you guys in my prayer ate! be safe and take care of your health!