Nov 18, 2009

Controversial video of Manny Paquiao

Here's the uploaded video of Manny Paquiao after his guesting at Jimmy Kimmel Live on November 3, 2009 with an unidentified woman inside his car. It was believed to be Krista Ranillo, his leading lady in his Metro Manila Film Festival Entry on December "Wapacman".

Manny's wife, Jinky was seen to be crying during the thanksgiving mass after Manny's victory against Miguel Cotto. Manny gave a "no comment" answer when asked about the status of his rumored relationship with Krista Ranillo.


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amiable amy said...

oh well, there is something wrong with this incident...parang tama ang haka haka. Pag ganito, the man should explain to the wife kung ano ba talaga. I am for Jinky. Dapat din kasi sa lalaki, make it clear to the wife na sya lang talaga at wala ng iba. Pero, if he is seen with someone tapos, d alam ni Jinky , may problema nga doon.