Nov 24, 2009

Dream Resort

Holidays is fast approaching, we might as well plan our itineraries to avoid last minute preparations. Since the weather is always good during the month of December, I think this will be a perfect time for a beach holiday. My kids love browsing the net for beautiful travel spots especially the different beaches. We had a chance to browse Myrtle Beach Resort. When they saw the Family Kingdom Amusement Park, they would love to book right now at Myrtle Beach Accommodations because of the awesome pictures from the amusement park like the Wooden Roller Coaster, Go-Kart tracks and the Oceanfront Waterpark.

Now they are too anxious to see the Amusement park and would love to ride at South Carolina's largest ferris wheel. They would like to experience too the enjoyment of taking a bath in a real bath tub so they like me to book at the Tower 2 of Myrtle Beach Accomodations. It is also the best choice for a perfect honeymoon imagine having a picnic in the gazebo at the pier's end and spend a romantic sunset or simply take a walk on the beach.


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