Nov 7, 2009

Window Shopping

This morning we went to the mall to buy a Teflon non stick pan and to look around for possible Christmas gifts to friends, relatives and of course to myself, LOL!
After giving birth with my two kids, I only wear slippers or slip on sandals on my way to the office. But since I am buying only the imitation, I end up buying again 2 or 3 months after using it. I decided to look for Crocs but then I thought that Crocs look good only for kids and teens . Then I saw this nice pair of sneakers from Skechers.....I still have four weeks to decide if I will buy it as a Christmas gift for myself.
Two weeks ago, one of my colleagues left a Hershey's chocolate, I ate it of course being a chocolate lover, and its really super delicious. I've been looking for it in a grocery store but I can't find it. At last I saw it this morning! But unfortunately I did not buy it because its too expensive, One Hundred Fourteen Pesos for 1 piece chocolate, instead I bought Hershey's kisses.



nikogirl said...

no need to window shop.. sa dami ng raket at blogging moolah$$$$ buy all of them NOW na!!

i;ll wait for my hersheys ha :) ihhhhh

Mom of Four said...

Ang gnada ng shoes, bilihin mo na, regalo mo sa sarili mo sa christmas.

ay ang mahal nga ng tsokoleyt na yan, baka di ka pa ma satisfied. ako rin mahilig sa hersheys, my faves are kisses with almonds and cookies and cream hersheys bar..

Meryl (proud pinay) said...

Go ahead sis...mag shopping galore ka na noh...kailangan i-treat mo ang iyong sarili...lalo na't christmas naman diba ^_^
penge naman ng hershey's kisses..

ang news ko nandito na weeeeh! kindly read every word ha..ahahhaa ^_^