Jan 7, 2010

Beware of PAL- Centennial Airport in Manila!

My mom arrived here in Manila last Dec 1 boarding PAL PR103 flight. Upon arrival she put her luggage in a cart not noticing something peculiar in her things. I was waiting for her outside, when I saw her I asked our service to wait for us the at the arrival area of Centennial Airport, the airport employees helped us put her luggage inside the car. Upon reaching the house, she found out that the lock and zipper of her luggage was damaged. Unfortunately she cannot complaint anymore because she saw it after leaving the airport.

Last Monday my sister ended her 2 week vacation here and boarded PAL PR116 going to Vancouver Canada. When she arrived at Vancouver her luggage were missing and cannot be traced by airport employees. After more than 5 hours of searching she was told to take her flight to Calgary and if she still cannot find her luggage she can declared it as lost, I even coached her to declare $5k as the cost of her things (including the hassle of course!).
Fortunately she found her luggage in Calgary. But! The lock of her luggage was also destroyed! Because of her tiredness in searching for her luggage for hours she only noticed it when she was already at her apartment.

Next week, my mom will be returning to US via Philippine Airlines again. Precautionary measures? She won’t use a lock that has a combination but instead a padlock or a simple wire will do.


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