Jan 4, 2010


Nikko and Makoy were very fond of their new two month old cousin, Mark Rowie. Nikko loves to carry him but Mark is already a 7 kilo baby (heavy for a 2 mos old baby). Their balikbayan Lola was here for a vacation that's why they often see their 3 cousins.



K said...

hehe. nakakaaliw talaga mga babies ^^

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Mom of Four said...

That's so nice, kapag nasa Pinas din kami, ang mga anak ng cousins ko lagi sa bahay, kaya enjoymga kids ko,d aming kalaro, ang iingay, grrr...

kittykat said...

nagbabadya ata yan Mommy Beng...di kaya naghahanap na ng kapatid..lol...Happy New Year..