Jan 25, 2010

Make or Break

The ever lovable and helpful blogger was in for another treat for us! Imagine giving away $500 on their amazing contest here in blogosphere. I think Pehpot has many superlative traits: very helpful, very generous, very humorous, very intelligent and very artistic, I hope she doesn’t get beri-beri (LOL!). She never stops thinking new ideas and creative thoughts, whenever she has great things in mind, she’s never selfish to share it with her blogger friends, I just wish that I get even half of her amazing talents. She’s a good conversationalist too, read some of her posts and you would feel that the author is very candid and real (natural!), ayan puro beri-beri na naman!

It was a fabulous meet up last July that she set-up, actually I almost back out from Bloggers day off because being a neophyte here I was afraid that other bloggers that will attend are pa-sosyal! Fortunately I was wrong, I am looking forward to meet them again soon! Pehpot made the effort to bring some wigs and did some photo session too.

I missed attending Sati's baptism because of the same scheduled baptism of my youngest nephew. Grabe ang handa she can even share it with her neighbors, but thanks to Fedhz, she never forget to give me my favorite polvoron.

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