Jan 25, 2010

Prayer for the day

Peace at Work
Loving and ever-living God, You are the provider of all that we need. Bless those who are starting a new work week. May they know peace at work, as well as at home. Provide a safe and enjoyable environment for them and may their labors bring them rich reward. Bless all those who seek employment with new opportunities and protect them from self doubt. You have blessed each of us with many gifts. Allow us to share them in ways that honor you. For in You, we find our peace. Amen.
-John T. Mudd-

Joke of the day:
Guy 1 - Pare ang galing ng insurance ko, binayaran lahat ng nawalang gamit sa bahay ko!
Guy 2 - Ganun ba pare, mas maganda ang insurance ko, pag nawala ang asawa ko....hindi na ibabalik sa akin!


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