Jan 29, 2010

Random WAHM Thoughts

The other half of the brilliant mind on the biggest contest that is giving away $500 on their blogversary contest is Kaye of Random WAHM Thoughts. I was familiar with her through Niko and Pehpot, they all belong to the Marce Club. Sometimes Pehpot's status message on her YM is "Nasan na si Kaye?". Just like her friends in Marce Club, she has a pleasant and very neat 3 column layout. What really caught my attention was the total earnings she got from her sponsors and oh, am I so envious!

Maybe Kaye wouldn’t mind sharing some tips with us how she earned lots of moolah and her success story too.

To be more exciting, Kaye and Pehpot is giving away additional $50 for the first 10 participants who will get qualified, sort of early bird reward. I did comply early so I wish I was among the early bird lucky winner.

You've got to read her entry this week on Girl's Talk: First Boyfriend. Marco is really handsome, I can feel even though we are thousand miles apart, Kaye still has a special feeling with Marco. Why not? He's so papable! I hope he still is.

I want to know the author better so I would gladly add her link and follow her blog too. As much as my schedule will allow me to, I would visit her blog more often.


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▄▀▄♥ K ♥▄▀▄ said...

swinging by to say thank you so much for doing this review! touched ako ha, in fairness. hihi. i hope din to know you better. sino kaya magfoformally introduce satin? LOL! salamat uli!