Feb 1, 2010

Fascinated with WAHMaholic

It’s really fun when you are blog hopping, you can see different style of templates, I believe that there’s really a great impact once your layout is impressive. Somehow, the layout really reflects the identity of the author. I really admired the layout of Kaye, the famous author of WAHMaholic. It’s a must to navigate on the whole site, the badges, links , everything is well organized and clean, and of course her posts are well written too.

I tried changing my template before, unfortunately I cannot do it alone. I was really fascinated when Kaye did the makeover on one of Niko’s blog. I also saw Anna Barons’ new header, very simple and elegant. I thought I have seen the best, but wait! What I like best was her fine work of art on Mommy Mel's coolest layout, very superb! Well, I guess one quality that fits their Marce Club is to be exceptionally brilliant! Visit Kaye's site and find out for yourself how great this blogger is.

Opps! Don't forget to join the much awaited contest that is giving away $500, of course brought to us by the two brilliant minds of Kaye and Pehpot! To qualify, just blog about the contest (including the badge and the banner) and review the major sponsors with 3 back links. Of course we all want to claim the first prize so let’s start the ball rolling and begin writing the reviews to get a front load points before the deadline ends on Feb 28, 2010.


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