Feb 3, 2010

Reviews Inc.

Another informative site from a very passionate blogger (aka “blogging addict “),Reviews Inc. True to her tagline, “Where Reviewing is not a job, it’s a passion”, because her reviews are very informative and with credibility and aside from this site, the author has seven more other famous blogs in different categories of course. I thought of this review site as different from the author’s other sites because the theme is in more professional level. The layout is very simple too, but elegant! The badges are well organized and the overall impact? It is very clean and very easy to navigate.

It is easy to tell that the author is a mother, because of her numerous posts about Johnson’s. I bet 9 out of ten mothers are using Johnson’s products. I also received the limited edition ofJohnson’s Body Care gift pack and I agree with her post on the 24 Hour Lasting Moisture Body Lotion. We really need to have a lasting body moisturizer because of our climate here in the Philippines. I also let my kids use Johnson’s baby shampoo, baby soap and baby powder.

The author just celebrated her birthday last Monday February 1, and for sure her door is still open for more birthday gifts! (Paging Johnson’s!) Belated Happy Birthday my dear Pehpot! I will surely visit her site more often.


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