Mar 7, 2010


I'm beginning to be conscious of my weight now because according to my BMI or Body Mass Index, I'm a candidate for obese, Yaiks! Gradually, its already sinking to me that I have to do something about it. I enjoyed doing Taebo at home, hard time with Pilates at the office, but I enjoyed doing Aero-kae-bo together with my kids. Unlike with Taebo which is more difficult for kids, they enjoyed doing Aerokaebo, its actually a combination of Aerobics, karate and boxing. I'm glad they are also anxious to do some exercise even at home. Here's the 10 minute complete workout, you can try it too (tagataktak talaga ang pawis mo)....dahil yata sa el nino..hehehe!

Here's a bonus 2 minute abs workout, its only difficult on the first few tries.


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