May 1, 2010

Meet my PJ

We were thinking what name to give on our new auto. Hubby wants to call him Piolo, so I would take care of him daw but I insist to call him "PJ", short for Piolo Jose, Piolo's real name(hehehe). Last Thursday we brought PJ at Guiguinto Seminary for a car blessing by Monsignor Bart. Nikko and my good friend Jojo were my constant companion while driving, after my A1 driving lessons I guess I still need some tips on driving from Jo.

PJ's first carwash

PJ took a bath last Thursday, next time I'll give him some wax. I wish I will overcome my fear on driving soon.



teJan said...

Eeew..congrats Beng! wow talaga.. more blessings dear friend! and takecare always when driving:)

niko said...

ang pogi ni PJ!!!!! sana one day mameet ko sya.... halikan at yakapin ko yan hihihih hahahhaa

Beng said...

honga no, sa wakas napunta din sa akin si Piolo! wahahaha..stalker!

Glenda said...

Wow, congratulations Ate! PJ's so sexy! I'm loving it! Enjoy driving and Be safe! Hope I can teach pero ang layo ko eh! HEHEHE