Jun 13, 2010

Rest from Badminton

I missed playing badminton, for the last three weeks and 3 more weeks to go, I have to say goodbye temporarily in playing badminton. Why? My helper was on leave for two weeks and hubby will have his 3 weeks vacation here in the Philippines. Yesterday I am scheduled to leave the house at 3pm to fetch hubby at the airport, his arrival is at 4:30 pm and yet I am still doing the laundry at 2pm. Good thing his flight was delayed we arrived at the airport before 6pm because of the heavy traffic. It was a surprised for my kids because they thought that I was just practicing my driving going to the airport.

Later in the evening I got a call from my brother in law, I erroneously dialled his mobile number, he thought I won the lotto, LOL! His work was involved in the lotto, I seldom buy LOTTO tickets because of the little chances of winning. Many Filipinos are very much engaged in online sports betting especially for those people who put their hard earned money in try their luck. My brother in law was even encouraging me to have a lotto outlet, he knows I am eager to put up a small business in preparation for the future of family, being an employee now on a private company is not assurance to have a longer tenure.



JACOB said...

we miss you already :-)

Beng said...

3 more weeks sis :-)