Jul 3, 2010

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?

I do! I wish we already have our own house and a stable business to manage or better yet millions of Pesos in the bank! I wish I have lots of money so hubby can stay with us here in the Philippines, I know my kids were longing for a complete family. CUT! Dream over..... hubby ended his vacation yesterday and he's already back to work in Dubai today. I thought I was already used of him leaving us again, but the moment I entered our room after sending him to the airport, I felt empty again- this part was I really hated most. But still I was thankful because I was with him all the time during his 21 days vacation here and I will always cherish our happy moments, I love you Daddy! I hope my dream will soon come true so we can always be together.....forever.


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