Jul 20, 2010

Why Charice got Botox

18-year-old singer Charice is prepping for her upcoming role on "Glee" by doing more than brushing up on her acting skills. At a recent press conference in her native country of the Philippines, the singer revealed she recently got Botox and a skin-tightening Thermage procedure "to look fresh on camera," according to the Associated Press.
Charice was treated by local cosmetic dermatologist Vicki Belo, who is the medical director of several skin clinics in the country. Belo said that she aimed to alter the shape of the singer's "naturally round face."
Charice -- who will play an exchange student on "Glee" and a rival to Lea Michele's Rachel -- admitted she felt pressure to look good for the hit TV series.
"All people will be anticipating how will Charice look? Is she good enough to pit against Rachel Berry? So of course there is tremendous pressure," she said.
The singer's rep confirms she had Botox, but says it was not for cosmetic purposes. "She's had Botox for some jaw pain she's experiencing." (Botox can be used to ease pain from TMJ.)
However, she noted that Charice will look different on the show: "She had her hair colored at the Brad Johns Studio at Elizabeth Arden," says her rep. "That's the only vaguely cosmetic thing she's done." source: People.com


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