Aug 20, 2010

Awesome Beds at CSN Stores

When we moved to my mom’s place two years ago I told my kids that after cleaning the vacant rooms upstairs, they can have their own rooms and they agreed. But when it’s time for them to transfer they declined, since we don’t have any other companion in the house I agreed that they can stay with me. At least we can save on our monthly electricity bills. Then hubby suggested buying them a double deck bed, slowly they will learn to sleep on their own. They will use the double deck bed temporarily until we buy them their own beds and our own house. Hubby was really eager in buying our own house and lot soon.

Fortunately I saw a number of attractive bedroom furniture sets that will suit our soon to be home. Since we already have a queen size bed, I am more focused in searching kids' beds for my two boys. I trimmed down my choices in two:

I'm sure when my kids see these beds, they will be eager to have their own rooms with these fashionable beds that can be buy at CSN Stores, do visit their site and pick your choice.

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