Aug 24, 2010

Online Games

Online betting was not that famous in the Philippines. People here especially in the lower class are more engaged in Lotto. Whenever I bet in Lotto I just picked a lucky number (Lucky Pick- the computer will randomly pick the numbers) because if I will hit the jackpot it is really my destiny to win and become an instant millionaire. But for those who own a computer, online games are very popular not only for kids. More social networking sites are already introducing various online games. I have a close relative who’s going crazy in playing online casino until midnight.

He started playing online poker in a social networking site, now he’s seriously playing it online with his friends. They said they put some skills on it so instantly online poker became their sport. They enjoyed playing it because they can choose to play with real money or for free. Less pressure if you play it for free but more exciting if big money is already involved.



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