Oct 23, 2010

Web Hosting

After more than a year of being a blogger, I was  already satisfied with my earnings online. I was proud to buy a Nokia E71 cell phone and a new Toshiba laptop courtesy of my blogging money.I  was also grateful to find new friends here, some are still my virtual friends but I already met a few bloggers who are so nice and helpful in giving some tips. One of them was earning not only through blogging but also accepting extra assignments like webhosting reviews and a virtual assistant at the same time. I can refer her to my buddy who was interested in keeping a business website and was already laying his ideas
on the domain name and some registration fees that he needs. He was already computer literate on the hardware and software side but he has no experience yet in buying his own domain and planning to avail a web hosting service. I also give him some tips where to buy cheaper domain name and techniques on choosing proper domain name for his business. He also has his regular eight hour work job so he better choose a web hosting service that can provide him a 24/7 service so he can control his frustrations in managing his time.

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