Dec 14, 2010

Hubert Webb was Acquitted!

The Supreme Court has acquitted the main suspects in the much publicized Vizconde massacre case, ending their years of burden for being incarcerated in jail.

Rather than closing the case that has gripped the hearts of a grieving husband and father and the whole nation, it has further provoked many questions, including: Who really killed Estrellita Vizconde and her daughters Carmela and Jennifer?

Voting 7 for acquittal, 4 to uphold the lower court ruling, and 4 abstentions, the high court has allowed Hubert Webb, the son of a former senator, and other scions of influential families to be freed.

The acquittal ruling bars the filing of an appeal as per the doctrine of double jeopardy.

Aside from Webb, the others ordered released are: Antonio "Tony Boy" Lejano, son of actress Pinky de Leon; Michael Gatchalian and Miguel Rodriguez, sons of prominent lawyers; Peter Estrada, son of a wealthy businessman; Pyke Fernandez, son of a retired commodore; Joey Filart, supposedly a relative of former Capital Region Command Chief Marino Filart, and Dong Ventura, son of a businessman.

Four magistrates inhibited: Associate Justices Antonio Carpio, Antonio Eduardo Nachura, Mariano del Castillo and Presbitero Velasco, Jr.

For many months, the nation waited for the decision of the Supreme Court following the failure of police authorities to present the one last evidence that could have further held Webb as the culpable party—the sperm specimen found in the body of Carmela. Click here for the complete story

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sticky_keynes said...

I'm not a Hubert Webb fan. But perhaps you should read the SC decision first before declaring that justice in this country is long gone. Remember that the prosecution failed to present the most damning evidence, which is the sperm specimen and which will put Mr. Webb in the scene of the crime. In the face of all this, the justices found that there is Reasonable Doubt leading to acquittal.

SC Justices following the rules of law and procedure, and then coming up with a decision that's against Your opinion does not mean that there is no more justice in this country. Much less does it mean that we are veering away from P-Noy's Tuwid na Daan.