Jan 10, 2011

Blind Item

I love reading blind items and make a wild guess who was the celebrity involved. I'd like to share this give away blind item from Ricky Lo's column in Philippine Star today:

Talk about traveling in style! A controversial figure flew in from San Francisco with, hold your breath, 16 (yes, 16, count ‘em!) pieces of designer luggage (Prada, Chanel and Balenciaga) that required a thorough screening at the Sanfo airport customs. Wow, grabeng bagahe! According to a co-passenger, the woman “was so maarte” even when she was just using the lavatory. She and her daughter were in Business Class seated beside a real wealthy couple (the wife was so simple and so unassuming that she was wearing only a pair of Crocs). Added the co-passenger, “It was very clear to see who was born rich and who was feeling rich. But she’s really pretty even with her heavily-Botoxed face.” Who’s the “feeling rich” controversial figure? Her initials are somewhere in this paragraph.

MY GUESS? La Greta