Jan 19, 2011

Web Hosting Service

I can only maintain three blogs unlike other stay at home moms and online friends who have a minimum of ten blogs each (wow!). That’s because I have a regular eight hour job and that only entails me two or three hours at night to sustain my blogs. There are times that I envy other bloggers who gets paid more than five hundred dollars per month apart from their earnings from their other online jobs. I was persuaded by a friend to add more blogs but my concern is how to maintain it and prevent posting just so good topics or fillers. But my advantage is that I have a regular fixed income from my work and additional benefits like allowances, hospitalization, and etcetera.

But one of my advertisers’ requirements now is to have a webhostingpad so before buying more domains and setting up additional blogs, I should have carefully decide who among the many providers offer the best and cheap web hosting services. Of course I would also rely from the referral of my blogger friends and ensure the reliability and it has to be user friendly to avoid any difficulty with my provider. Who knows, I can have all the time in my life soon and can focus on online work temporarily.

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