Apr 28, 2011

Gold Investment, Why Not?

Being a mother I always think about the future of my two kids. Providing their needs in life while they are still young is one of our main priorities as parents. This includes food, shelter, clothing and any other necessities they cannot afford yet especially their education. I’ve been thinking lately on where to invest - contemplating whether I would avail of an educational plan and insurances alike or purchase stocks from stock market to prepare for their collegiate studies.

One of my acquaintances gave me an idea on investing in either bullion or gold bullion. She told me that I would be of no loss as these investments possess an intrinsic value. Some of my friends are telling me to spend on acquiring land properties instead, it could be farm lots or even residential. I am a bit undecided till this time. Our fund is just resting in our bank account but of course I want it to earn more.

More often than not investing comes along with the possibility of not having gain on it. To buy bullion or to buy gold bullion, these things I am trying to consider. Since this is something new to me, I guess I need to learn more about it and have it discussed with my husband. Maybe I should attempt encouraging him about Gold IRA as well.

I am also concern about the liquidity of an investment. Obviously, if I am designating it for my children then it has to be utilizable in the form of cash as the need arise. It may still be too far to assume but I believe it is better this way - to set aside something which will be of their great use in the future. Besides parents always consider what’s best for their children.

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