Mar 20, 2009

Heart Tag

Another tag from Meryl! I always tend to forget my diet whenever I visit her blog. I really appreciate friends like you here in blogosphere sis! Got more time doing this now because I was able to sleep for almost 2 hours this afternoon... its really nice to rest at home during weekends (less expensive too!)

A# Attached or Single? Attached

B# Best Friend? Randy and Che

C# Cake or Pie? Cake

D# Day of Choice? Sunday...videoke day..yahooo!

E# Essential Item? Cellphone, keeping in touch with family and friends

F# Favorite Color? Blue & Black

G# Gummie Bears or Worms? None..sorry.

H# Hometown? Obando Bulacan

I# Favorite Indulgence? Eating sweets... chocolates, ice cream, cake, candies.

J# January or July? January..the weather is still cold.

K# Kids? I have 2 smart boys: Nikko (7) and Makoy (5)

L# Life isn't complete without....? Life isn't complete without my lavaduds (wahhh..miss him na)

M# Marriage date? December 2, 2000

N# Number of magazine subscriptions? None, but i buy PEP every month.

O# Oranges or Apples? Oranges

P# Phobias? I'm afraid of the dark

Q# Quotes? Love life and life will love you back. Love people and they will love you back.

R# Reasons to smile? Having a wonderful day with the persons I love

S# Season of choice? Winter..dreaming of one!

T# Tag five people. Amy, Clarissa, Grace, Bams, Sassy Mom, Nikko (sorry i got 6!)

U# Unknown fact about me? I'm a shy person.. but once i'm comfortable with people around me or with friends, I'm a funny person. I laugh very loud.

V# Vegetable? Potato, carrots

W# Worst habit? Eating while blogging/watching tv or sleepy at work.

X# X-Ray or Ultrasound? Ultrasound...its more techy!

Y# Your favorite foods? PIzza, seafoods and anything that is sweet.

Z# Zodiac sign? Cancer

Hey Guys, you may grab this too!


Poison-Tech' blog said...

nice tag n nice picture

niko said...

ay! thanks for the tag madam.. prang nagawa ko na to dati hehehh wait il link it here.. reedit ko na rin ang link add kta :)

ayan eto sya, alphabet tag pa sya dati! :)