Mar 8, 2009

Obando Fertility Dance

For almost 36 years, I live in the famous town of Obando where Fertility Dance Festival is celebrated every month of May. As much as possible I always make a leave of absence from May 17-19 to participate in the street dancing.
The Obando Fertility Dance is a festival where couples who hope to be blessed by children perform street dances in a long procession. The Fertility Dance of Obando is both a festival and a prayerful appeal for devotees. It has attracted a lot of tourists (local & foreign). Many childless local celebrities visit our town fiesta, just last year Beth Tamayo & husband Johnny Wong were here. Three or four years ago I saw Monsour del Rosario with his wife gracefully danced on the streets. Luckily they now have a child.
Aside from the devotees like us, couples who are childless, maidens & bachelors who want husbands & wives and those who are appealing for bountiful harvests or a special intention appeal for heavenly intercession and dance to the three Patron Saints: Nuestra Senora de Salambao, San Pascual de Baylon & Sta. Clara.
You’ll be amazed at the huge number of childless couples, thankful parents, and grateful parishioners & tourists clad in colorful costumes dance on the streets followed by the images of the three patron saints while singing the song Santa Clara Pinung-Pino.
Whether it works or not, the Fertility Dance is a timeless tradition that bids a prayer of request or thanks and draws in a lot of curious visitors from all over the country. Whether you believe it or not, take part of the festivity and enjoy both a solemn and a joyful celebration of life

I bet this will be another memorable fiesta again because its also the birthday of my hubby...and they all thought we were wishing for a baby girl. No i'm not! i'm just doing it for the tradition...


kinnipie said...

hi! :-) i'll be going with my friends this coming weekend, i hope you could give us directions going to obando (from edsa), and any tips as to what time, attire, etc? thanks

ISQ said...

Is the dance done only once a year (during the May fiesta)? Or is it also done during other months of the year? My friend told me kasi there's one this Jan? So I was planning to go sana. But after reading more about it, it sounds like it happens every May lang?

Anonymous said...

hi, just want to ask if what time nag start yung fertility dance?

Anonymous said...

@isq tuwing may lng po siya ginaganap:)
@anonymous usaully po 8am start ng fertility dance sa street pag sa church mas maaga ng konti