Mar 6, 2009

Judy Ann & Ryan = Feng Shui (Marriage)

Pronounced "fung shway", feng shui literally means wind & water. Its roots are 5,000 years old.
It promotes Prosperity, Good Health and general well being by examining how energy flows through a particular room, house or building.
When to feng shui?
  • Plan to move to a new house
  • Quarrels with spouse
  • Have a negative premonition
  • Does not feel comfortable at home
  • Wedding Date
Juday was very vocal in her recent interviews that they are still waiting for the answer of the feng shui expert/master which will be the right date for her to tie the knot with Ryan. Well, i'm a little bit disappointed because there's nothing wrong following tips like these when it conerns our house, etc. But the wedding date? I heard they moved their wedding date originally set on May 4, because its not a good date according to feng shui.
well, we make our own destiny.... she should follow her instincts, her heart in decisions like this. Above anything else, Juday should keep her faith in God. We cannot blame her, she has her own life to control....maybe or i believe she should not discuss this feng shui thing in public. Even her friend Claudine reacted that if she wants to marry, just do it . Juday is already 30 years old, i hope she wouldn't consult to feng shui when is the best time for her to bear a child....God Bless us all!


Mom of Four said...

Tama ka dun, minsan kapag syadong fanatic ang tao di na rin maganda. Tanong ba niya sa feng shui (ngek, tama ba spelling ko?) kung kelan sila pwede magpakasal na hindi sila mag end up na hiwalay? We make our own destiny sabi mo nga, which is very true, so kahit ilang feng shui pa ang pagtanungan natin, tayo ang gagawa ng ating buhay. Kung gusto magpakasal, kahit bukas, di ba? Kinasal nga ako, Biyernes Santo pa eh, kasi yun lang ang day na nagkakasal sa courthouse, oh eh maligaya naman kaming mag asawa..sus..di ba?

Manang Kim said...

Goodness pati ba naman kasal ipapafeng-sui pa kung sureness ka na mahal mo ang tao hala kahit bukas go. Sana lang they will be happy together kasi sa buhay we made our destiny and the anchor of our life is God.

Beng said...

this weekend marami na ngang nasulat sa tabloids..gosh! ang tagal nila mag react dun sa sinabi ni juday..hehehe...siguro nga if you know in your heart na he's not the right guy, bakit mo ipipilit..para lang masabi na di ka tatandang dalaga? ay! i believe we should pray for the right guy for the right time...pero remember, pag me asawa na never na maging right guy yun for you...

niko said...

kaloka si juday!! naku ha! taas kilay na lng ako now. :)

Clarissa said...

hahahaa!! ano ba yan?!!sobra naman ang pagka-sigurista ni juday!wala ba cyang bilib sa relasyon nila at pinapaubaya na lang feng-shui?