Mar 6, 2009

May you rest in PEACE...Francis M

Rapper & Eat Bulaga Host Francis M, only 44 years old succumbed to Leukemia today at Medical City in Mandaluyong.
He was the son of the very popular love tandem of Pancho Magalona & Tita Duran.
Eat Bulaga was on a tour then when their producer noticed that his fever is on & off and his temperature is high during afternoon. She suggested that once they returned to Manila, he should consult a doctor rightaway.
That's the only time they discovered of his unwanted illness.
For quite a time, they kept mum on his condition because he doesn't want a media publicity about his serious illness.
I read a forwarded email last year how he kept a journal about his medications and blood transfusions, his daughter Maxene even took pictures.
Sep 10, 2008, he was discharged to the hospital and back in his Antipolo house. He was very thankful of his more stable condition. He thanked his Doctors, anonymous donors of precious blood and those people who prayed for him. I even prayed for him too...
Then his line was "For now I am alive 1 day at a time".

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