Mar 5, 2009


I've been hearing different kinds of problems in various relationships most commonly on marital issues and more specifically about infidelity. Because of our shortage in "men" (I mean a real one), more single ladies especially those who are nearing the age of late 30's are too enthusiastic to have a steady boyfriend even with married men. not considering what kind of trouble they are up to and the relationship that they are trying to destroy. huh! and I can really relate about this one...huhuhu.
Anyways, I have talked to someone who's in her mid 40's, still single and no boyfriend at all. She told me she doesn't want to live her life all alone so she decided to have a child. Obviously her problem is a partner, so she decided to call her previous boyfriend... they reconnect their ties again...
AND eventually he became her sperm donor. They both agreed that he will give her a child with no strings attached. their relationship ran smoothly. they only meet (and mate!) during her fertile period. So there's like a little chance of luck if she will get pregnant.
unfortunately after several months of attempt she hasn't conceive yet.
She chose to be in this very hard situation just to have a child. she's fully aware that that she's doing is wrong...but all I can do is to listen to her. i cannot condemn her wrongdoing neither is she advising me to commit same kind of mistakes.
i just want to wish her luck and for a healthy baby coming soon....

before, i only hear this kind of story in movies or televisions. i have to thank God that I'm just lucky enough...

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