Mar 4, 2009

The Ultimate Status Bag

SNN (Showbiz News Ngayon) brought our attention on its featured expensive bags, shoes, wallets and even yacht of our local celebrities. Expensive shoes of Toni Gonzaga, LV (Original & Fake) of Ai Ai delas Alas…
Ann Curtis bought in Hongkong a headdress worth P35,000, and would you believe Willy Revillame’s yacht was roughly bought P70M paid in cash! But what really caught our attention were the HERMES bags of Ruffa Mae Quinto & Sharon Cuneta.
For ordinary people, many are Ignoramus of that brand. Simply because only well-off people can afford to buy that precious brand. Huh, there are still plenty of people shopping and buying ridiculously expensive bags from the luxury house.
But well, as they reason out, it’s only a prize/gift from their hard earned money. At least, they don’t need to be a corrupt politician to be able to have that luxuries.
I’m wondering what’s in that bag to have cost that amazingly high! Hermes bags are crafted by hand with the most amazing skins in the world. Only few is aware of the secret blindstamp and craftsman id on the strap. There is so much about Hermes bags that make them the finest in the world. Apparently, there are special tissue paper craftsman who spend their entire lives folding tissue paper for Hermes bags! The stitching is also unparalleled. It is sturdy you can carry rocks in them! The stitching is the first giveaway between faux or real.
Did you know that only five Hermes Birkin handbags are produced each week? Yes, and were you aware that it takes anywhere from 18 to 25 hours just to create one of these magnificent bags?
The waiting lists for these bags are tremendously long and thus, it is no wonder they are so frequently the subject of the purse counterfeiter.
Hence, it is called “The Ultimate Status Bag”. Hermes was a Greek God Name which means Messenger for the Gods. No wonder, it costs a lot.


niko said...


Beng said...

i forgot to mention the price. Its P1M for Ms Ruffa Mae & P3M for Ms Shawie

Umma said...

Hi beng..Thanks for the visit.
I heard this news from the TFC too., Yes indeed the Hermes bag is the ultimate but I will not buy for that price even I hv millions. hahahah

I dont know, its just not worth it... I guess we are buying the name brand not the bag itself. I can only afford $3000 LV hahaha..that's the most expensive one from my collections. But it was a gift though hehehe.

Beng said...

thanks mommy umma...Gosh! pwede nang pand 2nd hand car yung bag mo..hehehe...