Mar 30, 2009

Philippine Lotto

I may not have been a LOTTO fanatic, but when the Jackpot hits Hundred Million Pesos, my bet goes as high as P100-P200. But I always go for the Lucky Pick, wherein the computer will assign you 6 digit numbers. Because I was thinking that if its really your destiny to win....luck will follow. But, what if somebody is manipulating the lottery? I've been hearing rumors on how they manipulate the draw even though it is done on a live telecast. Corruption is truly very rampant here in the Philippines. Pity are we who are wasting our hard earned money in trying our luck to become an instant millionaire. I want to share with you a forwarded email circulating in the net right now regarding expose in Lotto, this maybe true, but as ordinary citizens...all we can do is to pray for them.

To All Filipino Overseas Workers (OFWs) :

The Financial Analyst of World Bank would like to inform each and everyone of you that the present currency exchange rate of US Dollar toPeso is actually $1 = 52 pesos. Your government is manipulating the exchange rate for some years now. It is very much improbable and impossible that the Philippine Peso is appreciating compare to Euro,British Pound, Rials, and any other foreign currency. Even your ASEAN neighboring countries are suffering from the Global Crisis. Singapore ,a developed country is affected by depreciation of their currency whatmore of your country?We admire you for your hard work but we also pity you for having such avery corrupt government that is taking advantage of your hard earnedmoney. The ARROYO ADMINISTRATION is blatantly milking each and every OFWs all over the world of billions of pesos for its own greedy, selfish ends.
Investigations reveal that this milked money from OFWs will be spent to BRIBE not only PGMA's pet COCODILES in CONGRESS but some in the SENATE as well for her to PERPETUATE IN POWER BEYOND 2010. The rest would bedeposited to the family's SECRET ACCOUNT in Switzerland .
Another money-making scheme is the LOTTERY DRAWS. Filipinos should be aware that all LOTTO DRAWS are orchestrated, and big money goes to the two sons of the lady president. Recent example is the SUPER LOTTO 6/49 draw, where supposedly two individuals from Luzon won. Do you know WHO these individuals are? It's Mikey and Datu, who else? One might ask how could the draw be rigged when it is being televised in front of millions of viewers. The answer is simple. As you all know, all bet combinations are being entered into PCSO's main data base as it is on-line,therefore, it is easy to determine which combinations were NOT betted upon. If they want to raise big money, no winners will be declared until the JACKPOT reaches sky-high because they could dictate the outcome at will. When it's "HARVEST TIME", voila, there would be "winner or winners" and the process repeats all over again.
One might ask how this is being done. One insider told our investigators that actually the "DRAWN BALLS", six balls to be exact, are the only set which could fit into the transparent tube which sucks the balls up. All others are slightly bigger than the diameter of the tube which could not be distinguished by the viewers, therefore, there's no way they could be drawn!
You Filipinos are being skinned alive, fried in your own fat and lard by your own government. Now, do you ever wonder why president-elect BARACK OBAMA, avoids your president like a stinking leper?

- World Bank

I've been trying to validate this information in Google, but I can't find articles related to this one.


Manang Kim said...

Hi Beng, I also got this email but I didn't read it hehe until I read your entry here. Salamagun!!! What a corrupt government it is jeez parang may brain stops to function nanginig buo kung kalamnan. To think I send at least $500 to my family back in PI and told them to really budget and everything and her is our government who maneuver all of this crap???!!! Sarap sapakin yang mga taong yan ha. I asked my hubby if this can be done..and he said yes the government can do that what ever they like. Napabuntung hininga nalang ako grabe naman tong si Glora kung totoo man ito. About the lottery, that is why I don't like to buy any kind of lottery tickets because I already heard those discripancies before.

niko said...

hala! kainis!!!! hmp.

amiable amy said...

Hi Beng, i am back here. Pag dating ko galing Louisiana, i got sick tapos, the weather here is bad, lagi kulog at kidlat talaga, so, off ang pc...i am well now kaya super jogging sa hopping beauty ko for the last hours.

With regards to this post, kagaling naman kung totoo yung exchange rate. If ever totoo din ang haka2x, babalik din sa kanila ang sumpa.

Clarissa said...

hhuuwwaaaaa!!!Ano ba yaannnn!!!

littlemissfly said...

hellowee! ay nku gnun din kme, not an avid lottery fan but pagnagsky rocket na ang winning prize, go to the nearest lotto station, trying our luck, actually , hubby and i had a small conversation bout what if the govt is just manipulating the game...haaaay life nga naman,mei araw din cla, Bahala na c Lord sa kanila!

Anonymous said...

P.Ina ng mga Arroyo. Makakarma din sila. Inumpisahan na si Taba. Sunod-sunod na sila !

siyetehan said...

Here's what's in World Bank's website:

World Bank denies email addressed to "All Filipino Overseas Workers"

MANILA, March 17, 2009—It has come to our attention that a letter purportedly from a "Financial Analyst of World Bank" addressed to "All Filipino Overseas Workers" is circulating in the Internet stating a certain peso-dollar rate and other false statements.

The World Bank strongly denies issuing such a letter. The said letter DID NOT and WILL NEVER come from any office or staff of the World Bank.

All media releases, official statements, reports, and studies of the World Bank Philippines office are made available to the public in our website:

Permanent URL for this page:

Anonymous said...

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